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SQL Payroll Release Note

SQL Payroll 1.2022.230.188 [LATEST]

Released on January 12, 2023

  • Database upgrade to version 120
  • Add payroll calculator year 2023
  • Add TP1 & TP3 format for 2023
  • Add income tax EA and EC reports for year 2023
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 alignment problem
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 Tax Number missing 1 char
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped-L2.Report export to excel some field is in white font
  • Remove Officer IC display format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21 From Date Not Correctly shown
  • Fixed CP21 Preview report not found...
  • Feature #5780: Append description of loan document to description of pending loan
  • #5769: Payroll Dashboard add employer EPF, SOCSO and EIS amount
  • Preview leave entitlement report prompt list index out of bounds error
  • #5773: Payroll Summary show duplicate paid leave column after change processed paid leave
  • #5710: Unpaid leave default calculation is not Days in a Month
  • #5771: Close paysheet prompt error "Cannot focused a disabled or invisible window"
  • #5770: Ambank E-AmPayDay Net Payroll for SOCSO & EIS invalid amount format
  • #5768: PB enterprise ECP Payment invalid ID Type for foreign worker

SQL Payroll 1.2022.229.187

Released on December 9, 2022

  • Change HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 to pdf
  • Update CP21 to new report type
  • Fixed unable to get info in some case for Payslip, EA & EC report in Batch Email
  • Fixed PR.HRDF 1 - Level 1 hang when preview
  • Feature #5762: Add "Override Acceptable Transaction Date" access right
  • #5767: Remove Cheque writer format that is not supported anymore
  • #5765: Ambank Bulk Payment invalid payment mode
  • Feature #5766: Add UOB Instant Transfer file format
  • #5758: Add income tax CP21 report
  • Feature #5761: Add JPMorgan Chase Bank Berhad for Maybank2E
  • Add resource string for some exception and message
  • #5752: Change "Sync Now" button to "Update Payroll" button when second sync is required

SQL Payroll 1.2022.228.186

Released on October 26, 2022

  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2020 preview error
  • Feature #5717: Add Citibank PayLink GIRO file format
  • #5488: Add TransDate variable to "Leave Calculate Amount" script
  • #5713: Pending deduction description doesn't follow employee deduction description when employee deductions have duplicate deduction code
  • #5749 - unable to sync payslip if "Include Employee Payroll Info" option is unchecked
  • #5747: Add AmAccess Biz Bulk Transfer file format
  • #5746: Save paysheet prompt error "is not a valid integer value for integer type"
  • #5745: HLB ConnectFirst via DuitNow missing char D for beneficiary account no column
  • Feature #5735: Add clear cloud cache
  • Rename PR.SOCSO.Borang8A.Report format
  • Fixed Preview error when no record for PR.HRDF 1 - Level 1
  • Replace PR.Tax.CP22-2021 with pdf
  • Update CP21, CP22, CP22A & SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report by reduce the report format size
  • Fixed PR.HRDF file name extra -
  • Update PR.HRDF 1 - Level 1 add No Hrdf Info
  • #5737: Rename and reposition working days option on leave calculate amount wizard form
  • #5733: Duplicate employee net pay records in coinage report
  • Feature #5732: Payroll accounting employer EPF (JE) support GL code by contribution
  • #5731: RHB bank SOCSO payment default file format is not Text (New)

SQL Payroll 1.2022.224.185

Released on September 21, 2022

  • #5711: Upload PB enterprise IRB excel to bank return error "Filename is invalid"
  • Update PR.Tax.CP8 (For Borang E) - Add Year field
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format preview error if OT Rate more then 900
  • #5727: Leave application window leave type button caption doesn't follow leave type caption
  • Feature #5724: Add CP38 in contribution summary
  • Feature #5715: Add DuitNow payment mode for Hong Leong bank ConnectFirst file format
  • Fix Sync IncludePayrollInfo old value not updated after sync

SQL Payroll 1.2022.223.184

Released on August 30, 2022

  • Database upgrade to version 119
  • Fixed PR.Contribution.Info-Detail preview Error
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21-2021 not same as government format
  • Fixed Preview Error for CP39 & CP39A
  • Fixed Payslip V2 format Preview Error
  • Add multi approval feature
  • Add "Request" status filter to "Sync Leave Application" window
  • Company Profile add MultiApproval checkbox, Maintain Employee add MgrReview checkbox and Sync Cloud version add MultiApproval field
  • Feature #5706: Increase SOCSO contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5705: Increase EIS contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5701: Add "Print SOCSO + EIS Contribution" to month end welcome screen
  • Feature #5700: Add access right for Print SOCSO+EIS and PTPTN
  • #5699: Wrong value for auto claim TaxDeduction SOCSO and EIS