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SQL Payroll Release Note

SQL Payroll 1.2021.193.167 [LATEST]

Released on 9 Mac 2021

  • 01. Upgrade Database to Version 110.
    • Tunning LV_APP table
  • 02. Enhance & Retuning Report
    • Add TaxCode column for Yearly Allowance, Code column for Yearly Tax Benefit and Yearly Tax Deduction
    • Fixed CP8D for 2016 - 2020 grand total not correctly sum in some scenario
    • Add Lampiran B format 4
    • Feature #5497: Income tax lampiran B report add SOCSO and EIS field
    • Fixed TP1 from 2017 to 2021 wrong Field mapping
    • Update Payslip report with New Method of Batch Email(using Note field only)
    • Update BorangEC for 2019 to 2021 report with New Method of Batch Email(using Note field only)
    • Update BorangEA for 2019 to 2021 report with New Method of Batch Email(using Note field only)
    • Add Prompt Confirm for show Extra information for PR.Tax.CP22-2021 format
    • Fix bug: Payroll summary include multiple processes when click "Print Payroll Summary" button on process welcome screen
    • Fixed PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 Advance Paid should not shown when 0 amount
  • 03. Feature #1484: Paid leave support auto calculate rate
  • 04. Feature #5359: Add Note member to claim tran
  • 05. Adjust rate column position on unpaid leave data entry window
  • 06. Fix Unable to open bank instruction excel file generated in SQL Drive / SQL Connect
  • 07. #5492: Resize note and photo components on Employee.EF
  • 08. Feature #5490: Update Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment file format based on version 6.0, Maybank hash formula
  • 09. Add OTContribDS variable to calculate overtime payrate script
  • 10. Fix bug: Process payroll prompt error "Too many values (more than 1500) in member list to match against"
  • 11. #5489: Invalid filename of Public bank SOCSO file
  • 12. #5486: Maybank Bulk Payment file extension is not csv
  • 13. Fix bug: Employee record contains invalid history type allowed to save
  • 14. Fix bug: Paste employee record prompt error "You are not allowed to change ContribAttr"
  • 15. #5487: Deduction record contributes to Zakat and Tabung Haji
  • 16. Feature #5484: Compensation for loss of employment is given 20000 exemption per full year of service with effect from year 2021
  • 17. #5480: Unable to delete employee due to there is leave application with leave day=0 referred by the employee
  • 18. Fix bug: Command navigator not showing by default

SQL Payroll 1.2021.193.165

Released on Jan 30, 2021

  • Upgrade Database to Version 109.
  • Enhance & Retuning Report
    • Income tax lampiran 2 report incorrect detail of tax exempted allowance
    • PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 Unpaid Leave shown 0 when batch print
  • #5475: Allowance tax code does not refresh based on master setting
  • #5474: Pending tax benefit records with invalid code can be inserted through import data

SQL Payroll 1.2020.191.164

Released on Jan 23, 2021

  • Upgrade Database to Version 108.
  • Enhance & Retuning Report
    •  Add HR.Employee.Register.Report format
    • #5463: Preview tax receipt prompt error access violation
    • Feature #5465: Add Tax Benefit and Country datasets to income tax CP22 report
    • Add CP22, CP22A & CP22B 2021 format
    • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped-.Report 2 Display Format not consistent
    • Add CP8D 2020 Format
    • Reduce Column Usage on Export to excel HR.Employee Reports
  • #5469: Message box doesn't show until press Alt key
  • #5470: Copy to excel prompt error index out of bounds when select all employees on browse form
  • Feature #5415: Add Maybank Bulk Payment file format
  • #5461: User can enter claim monthly limit greater than yearly limit
  • #5464: Employee fixed tax benefit not processed when process payroll
  • Feature #5452: Add shortcut to Print HRDF from Month End Payroll Welcome screen
  • #5471: Account Name too short in Mizuho Giro
  • #5460: Unable Select Employee When Invalid Phone Number Format

SQL Payroll 1.2020.190.163

Released on Jan 08, 2021

  • Upgrade Database to Version 107.
    • Tunning PT_CL, PT_TB, PR_FR_DTL & SY_PROFILE tables
    • Add HR_EMP_CL, HR_EMP_TB tables
  • Enhance & Retuning Report
    • Fix LV.Balance.Report-Employee Performance preview date format error
  • Feature E-Claim
  • Add Tax Benefit tab on HR Employee
  • Fix Sum of "Self Medical" and "Complete Medical" show zero amount when click "Print PCB" on paysheet
  • Feature #5451:Show message when duplicate employee name occurs
  • Feature #5450: Reduce employee EPF rate to 9% with effect from 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
  • Add payroll calculator for year 2021

SQL Payroll 1.2020.188.162

Released on Dec 21, 2020

  • Enhance & Retuning Report
    • Enable CSV export for PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2021 format
  • Add Analyse Data Integrity - Trim Code Leading and Trailing Spaces
  • #5454: Tabung Haji deduction from employee fixed deduction does not contribute to Tabung Haji after process payroll
  • Feature #5456: Add "Educational Loan" tax exempt allowance
  • Click left or right arrow scroll button on date navigator of leave application will append record
  • Import and save pending transactions prompt error duplicates not allowed

SQL Payroll 1.2020.187.161

Released on Nov 26, 2020

  • Upgrade Database to Version 106.
    • Tunning PR_PM, HR_EMP & SY_PROFILE table
  • Enhance & Retuning Report
    • Update PR.Allowance.Report, PR.Commission.Report, PR.Deduction.Report, PR.Deduction.Report & HR.Wages.Report for missing Contribution Indicator
    • Fixed PR.Zakat Report spelling error ⦁ Fixed PR.Payslip1C format Unpaid Leave Day incorrectly shown when Batch print
    • Fixed PR.Credit.BankInstruction report ROC not correctly shown
    • Add Tabung Haji report
  • Fixed Hong Leong bank Connect First excel file format - Validation ID value not in uppercase
  • Fixed #5446: Mizuho bank IBG file format is invalid
  • Feature #5445: Add Affin bank "AutoPay Excel 2" file format
  • Feature #5448: Add Invotime under File | Import Data
  • Feature #5449: Add AmBank Bulk Payment file format
  • Show tax calculation on Edge web browser
  • Allow user to select WhatsApp contact, WhatsApp group, application contact on WhatsApp window

SQL Payroll 1.2020.186.160

Released on Sep 12, 2020

  • Upgrade Database to Version 105.
  • Enhance & Retuning Report - Add Total Unpaid Leave Day beside Description for Payslip
  • Add leave application data import on Check Time window
  • #5433: Copy and paste employee record prompt error "No argument for format %s(%s) not found"
  • #5432: Add leave entitlement processor script - based on 365 days proportion, round to day
  • Trim space and replace non-breaking space (nbsp) in email field with empty string
  • #5430: Add Maybank Universal Payment Zakat file format
  • #5436: Add Mizuho bank IBG, InHouse file format
  • #5437: Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format "Credit Account Number" column is only applicable for intra-bank transfer
  • #5439: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment file format - Invalid bank code of Bank Muamalat
  • #5441: Missing bank codes in AmBank Net Salary file format

SQL Payroll 1.2020.185.159

Released on July 14, 2020

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 104
  • Add PR.Tax.CP22-2020 format
  • Enable Payslip to support User Define EMail Content Using EMail Template
  • Fix Payslip Batch Email Client body Content not properly shown
  • Feature #5420: Add Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format
  • Prevent employees have the same email before sync to server
  • #5403: RHB bank SOCSO excel file format - Fill "Employee SOCSO Number" column when employee new IC number is blank
  • #5413: LHDN CP39 text file format detail record "Employee No" column doesn't exclude non-alphanumeric characters
  • #5412: Add HSBC bank EIS text file format
  • #5408: UOB Interbank Giro and Inter Account Fund Transfer file format - Invalid purpose code of batch detail record if beneficiary is non-resident

SQL Payroll 1.2020.182.158

Released on March 6, 2020

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 103
  • Add PR.Tax.Lampiran B - Format 3
  • Add PR.Zakat.BorangSkimBerkat-Kelantan format
  • Enable user Self Define Body Email & Subject for EC 2019 & 2020
  • Increase PCB Receipt No. Size for PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012 format
  • Add PR.Tax.CP8D-2019-BorangE - Part A format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP8D-2019 page 2 header not update
  • #5401: Reduce employee EPF rate to 7% with effect from 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Dec 2020
  • #5378: Prevent user unchecked PCB if allowance had assigned with tax code when edit employee paysheet
  • Fix cloud server employee data not up to date after sync due to employee record rowver not increase after append, update or delete detail dataset record
  • #5391: Marital status column of each employee record is blank in income tax lampiran 2 text file

SQL Payroll 1.2020.181.157

Released on January 10, 2020

Release Notes

  • Add income tax calculation for year 2020
  • #5369: Change employee country to non "MY" auto uncheck resident
  • #5368: Prompt message when contribution EPF rate is below statutory contribution rate
  • #5367: Allow user to group payment summary by branch, department, hrgroup or category (either one)
  • #5373: Alliance BizSmart Bulk Payment - Add "Payment Advice Indicator" option
  • Fix cloud server data not up to date due to change code of master data
  • Add PT.Compensation.Report

SQL Payroll 1.2019.180.156

Released on December 10, 2019

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 102. - Tunning HR_LO_TRANS table
  • Add Compensation Column for PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Rename PR.Summary.Grouped.Report to PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Add PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Appointment.Report-BM format
  • Fixed PR.Yearly.IndividualPay.Report Detail Overlap when use Merge Options
  • Fixed OT Description unable fully shown for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 & PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Report-BM, PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2-BM and PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2-BM format
  • Add PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add Summary OT for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 format
  • Add overtime summary dataset to payslip report
  • Add No. of Working Days for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22 Spouse Tax Number not fully shown

SQL Payroll 1.2019.179.155

Released on November 5, 2019

Release Notes

  • #5356: EPF, SOCSO and income tax output file detail records not same as grid filtered records
  • Fix sync cloud prompt error could not convert variant of type (null) into type (integer)
  • #5355 Process payroll based on filtered employee list