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mPos FnB
mPos FnB
mPos FnB

mPos FnB (Mobile POS Food and Beverage) - For all your catering needs

mPos FnB developed by Caroonsoft, is the go to for any restaurant or food related business looking to ease their work load in the front end. Providing easy to learn system functions, multiple table management, purchase ordering and recording, and portability over cloud and internet for easier transaction.


mPos FnB Features

Table Plan
Simple and arrangable table-plan, can be setup easily via back end that allows your staff to navigate different floors and tables to manage orders

Simple Ordering
Navigation between menu items and PLU are simple and unique with the help of large button, visual hints and color schemes.

Flexible Bill Payment Methods
Multiple ways to settle the bill with simple menu selection. Ranging from advance deposit, full payment, split by amount or by item, and even partial payment and keep ordering features

Shift & Cash Management
mPOS can track the shift's revenue even if your working day ends after midnight. It tracks every cash transaction sale, withdrawal or deposit.
The closing shift procedure might be setup to require your staff not only count the cash, but explain all non-standard sales, make sure all orders are paid and account for all non-food inventory used (like toilet paper, napkins etc.)

Recipe Management
Every dish you sell can have a recipe which may include basic ingredients and preparations (pre-cooked ingredients, which also have a recipes). It is made not only to calculate the cost and profit margin, but also to account for the ingredients utilization, forecasting of purchases and accounting the total profit of your outlet.


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